Weddings That Went Hilariously Wrong! Please Don’t Faint Laughing!

Wedding, a ceremony of joy, emotion and happiness. For any couple, it is no doubt one of the most important days of their lives. But here we bring you instances that made these Wedding Ceremonies 'a little more memorable' than necessary! 

Now that is what you call, "Grabbing the opportunity to dance".

London Cake is falling down...... My Poor Couples......

You will not be able to pump that balloon that way Mister!

You may Forcefully Kiss the Bride

He was nominated as The Worst Best Man!

Oh Boy! He Didn't See it Coming, literally

I know, during summer it can be itchy at times

This is not how the Best Man is supposed to behave!

Some Conversations can be Painful

Love is an Ocean, where they all sink

Seriously! Was it really that Boring?

Ops, Caught while his hands were catching....... something!