Those Awkward Moments when you just could not control your urge to Pee!

1. "Shit. Probably shouldn't have had that Big Gulp."

2. "There's no bathroom nearby. Can I hold it? Yeah, I can totally hold it."

3. "Maybe if I cross my legs nice and slow, it'll go away."

4. "THAT WAS A TERRIBLE DECISION. It's so much worse now."

5. "Don't think about water. Or waterfalls. Or running faucets. Or flowing rivers. WHO IS POURING WATER RIGHT NOW?!"

6. "Why am I in so much pain?! It's like my bladder is stabbing me with a tiny sword."

7. "Oh god, it's coming. Time for the pee pee dance."

8. "My abdomen is literally swelling. I am pregnant WITH PEE."

9. "Has anyone ever died from holding their pee too long?? I'm going to be the first aren't I."


11. "Walking hurts so bad. Can people see me waddling? I may not make it. Tell my cat I loved her."

12. "Made it to the stall! Pants offfff...WHY AM I WEARING A BELT?!"

13. *Pressure washes inside of toilet bowl with monstrous pee stream*

14. "That was close...Is anyone else thirsty?"