This Dessert Delicacy would simply make Your Mouth Water!

Chef Anushruti is ready to take the world by storm with her unique take on the always-popular cheesecake. By using mango, the king of fruits, the chef shows us how to make a delicious, easy-to-make, and tropical-inspired cheesecake.

What's even better about this particular recipe is that, unlike most cheesecakes, this one does not contain gelatin. If you don't like the idea of bone meal in your cheesecakes and want to create something on the fly, then this is the ultimate dessert recipe for you!

(source Rajshri Food)

This mango cheesecake is a no-bake wonder, making it a refreshing dessert for entertaining friends, especially in the warmer summer months. Give it a go!

For a full list of ingredients and detailed instructions, head over to Divine Taste to learn how to make this delicious treat.