These GIFs are Display of a Father’s Love for their Little Bundle of Joy

Let’s all sit back and celebrate those moments when something inside us clicks, and faster than thought, we blur into action, when danger slows everything down and we swoop in and save our reckless, seemingly suicidal little bundles of joy. Sure, it’s not just dads, but go with me here.

Here are some stunning examples of those last-split-second saves by men who activated DAD MODE. Pssst: this post is filled with scenes of very close calls, but rest easy, they all endsafely. (Even the 14th one!)

Without even looking.



Aaaaaaand no worries.

Saw this one coming.

Yooouuuu shall not crash!

I got ya covered.


Pfffft! Please!

Uhhhhhh maybe not so much.

Nuh-uh, not on my watch!

No no no no! All good!

I got this.

Holy Shazam!

I don’t think so.