These Dads Decided To Make The Most Creative Of Lunchboxes Ever For Their Kiddos

Beau Coffron, a dad from San Francisco, started making creative lunches to show his kids that he was thinking of them.

Coffron told Buzzfeed Life, "I want it to be a special thing for my kids and not have them expect it..."

"If I made them every day I think it would get old. Plus, I just don't have the time or energy to do it every day!"

We can't help but wonder if his kids ever get bummed out from these surprises.

Like just once, they'd like a good old turkey sandwich.

Or just a full sandwich that hasn't been cut into a character... you know....

...they have a full sandwich and aren't hungry the rest of the day.

Or they open up their lunch and think, "Ugh. Minnie and Mickey? How derivative, Dad."

Sigh. Kids today.

Always complaining about something.