These Adorable Animals work as the Ideal Morning Alarms for their Humans

Pet owners rarely ever have to bother with setting an alarm in the morning. Their little munchkins wake them up way better than any device could.

Whether they want food, cuddles, or playtime, they won't let you rest until they've gotten their way. Some try the sneaky approach (which is not at all sneaky), while other fur balls go for the outright attack. Either way, there's definitely no snooze button on these cuties.

1. Looks like they both could use some coffee.

Reddit / Winmaize

2. "Psst. Hey. Hi. Take me outside."

Reddit / mrpommer

3. "That's fine. I'll wait. Right here. Staring at you."

Reddit / topcheddah

4. "These are my nice claws. For now."

Reddit / DeePurrr

5. I think someone has morning breath.

6. "Are you hungry? No? Well, I am."

Reddit / moejike

7. "You look so peaceful when you're sleeping. Stop it."

Reddit / garrow10

8. He's on a very strict early-morning belly rub schedule.

Reddit / buddybiter

9. "How about a little bacon today, eh?"

Reddit / Hiitslana

10. Kitten face-slaps: way more effective than any caffeine.

Reddit / rosemount888

11. "Did you know you snore? It's pretty annoying."

12. "Either you let me on the bed or you get out of it, mister."

Reddit / M1K3AA

13. At least it's not the real thing this time...

Reddit / Bcartwri7

14. "Look how sweet I am! Bet you can't wait to watch me poop!"

Reddit / caracaracarraa

15. He's not great at subtlety.

Reddit / cruzge

16. Cold nose attack in 3...2...1...

17. "Ahem, you're late for our 8:00 a.m. fetch session."

18. At least he looks how you feel.

19. Okay, I guess this isn't the worst thing to wake up to.

20. "This bed is off limits until my dish is full."

If only they had opposable thumbs to bring you breakfast, or at least some orange juice, this would be a much nicer way to start the day. But no matter how annoying it is every morning, we're still glad to see their silly faces...after a cup of coffee. Or two.