Phones that will make you Nostalgic with Memories of your Adolescence

Seeing this list you remember what your teens have meant mobiles were fashionable then. And how to forget, if several of these 15 models were the first cell that we had in our life. And what about those with whom we could share music first. That’s why in Recreo Viral we take you to a trip to your adolescent past to remind you that digital era of the 90’s.

1. How can we forget that cell Dad

Motorola StarTAC.

2. And suddenly invaded us the modernity of Nokia

3. Yes, the game was the best viborita

You could spend hours playing with this addictive application.

4. And what about the Nokia with lights

It was fascinating to create your ringtones and sound were marking each light! If you went to party presumías what could be.

5. That key i hated!

Always I ended with my balance because it was easy to crush … Pfft! directito is connected to the remote and then new browser.

6. This thing that kept rotating fast run

The opening was how it made you feel very edgy. No matter that did not serve for anything.

7. How can we forget the first miniature phone!

All women died from the pink model …

8. And then arrive Ericsson!

9. Have the first cell that reproduced Mp3!

We all wanted that phone with full of life and color Mp3. The orange was the best!

10. Nokia you lasted throughout high

11. When It was cool transfering files via Bluetooth

And gif began to be fashionable multimedia files all had a lot!

12. Remember this?

Its camera was the best.

13. Gaming Mobile!

The Nokia N-Gage. Nokia wanted to market a device that combines mobile telephony with video games; but they failed and was a total failure.

14. But then Motorola rose from the ashes!

With its great ringtones like Hello Moto & completely flat keys.

15. Girls' most wanted design!

Finally came the iPhone and revolutionized the history

Our adolescence was never the same after the Iphone.