Perfectly Timed Photos that will get you Laughing

In this list of hilarious and surreal images you’ll find a fun variety of topics. From animals having a good time until you need to see pictures twice to understand them well; but above all many WTF ??Leave your boredom for a moment and have fun with these crazy images.

1. Rest in peace

2. Ouch!

3. This sexy man

4. Right now I'm going to help my wave!

5. Give me those 5!

6. Meanwhile, in the subway ...

7. That spinning like crazy fun!

8. You do not want selfies !

9. ... another bite

10. How did !?

11. This pachoncito

12. A fly!

13. Who was it!?

14. Mannequins rockers!

15. Onta kitten?

16. Di who spotted my head or die!

17. How rich!

18. Is this the little plane you like, son?

19. That is, how?

20. What bad luck!