Only Tall Persons Can Understand These Everyday Problems

Hugs can be a bit challenging.

Fitting rooms are sometimes awkward.

Bathrooms too.

Small talk is always the same.

People make fun of you.

Family photos can turn out lopsided.

Most clothes are either too short in the sleeves, or too wide in the torso.

Sure one size fits “all.”

Your friends have to run to keep up with you.

Relaxing in a bathtub just isn’t the same.

Can’t enjoy the shower either.

Actually, nothing in a bathroom is your size.

You’re expected to be good at basketball.

Ceilings are often a nuisance...

...but can also be a serious hazard.

Everything about an airplane is not designed for you.

You might get a good view at a concert, but everyone else hates you.

If it’s not an SUV, you aren’t going to be comfortable.

Good luck finding any shoes in your size.

Your feet have never actually been on a bed.

Door handles are your worst enemy.

Water fountains are always a struggle.

It’s hard to find someone your height to date.

“Full length” mirror you say.

Everyone insists you’ve grown.

You need to carry knee pads with you.

And you aren't allowed in certain areas.