I had Tears in my Eyes when I saw this Elephant reunite with the Baby elephant she adopted years ago!

When an Asian elephant named Mebai was separated from her mother at an early age, it was Mae Boonsri — another elephant forced to work in deplorable conditions — who took care of her as if she were her own. For years, they gave ignorant tourists elephant rides, until Mebai was lucky enough to retire to the Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary, leaving her surrogate mother behind.

Years later, Mae Boonsri suffered from an abscess on her back, which meant that her owner could no longer use her for profit. That's when animal rescuers convinced the owner to give her to the sanctuary. When Mae Boonsri finally reached the refuge, Mebai was there to greet her surrogate mom — alongside her biological mother, who had also been rescued!

These beautiful elephants will never be able to rewrite their painful pasts, but Mebai has already begun to forge a happier future — and she's doing it all with the help of her two motherly mentors.