How would you react if you hear – Peeling Watermelon is an Art? Well let us introduce the Artist

On the Internet there are plenty of tutorials kitchen, but some are very well prepared tricks. And to prove it, here we are going to talk about a video about an alleged method to achieve a perfectly peeled watermelon.

Mark Rober is a clever American who worked at NASA and has gained unexpected popularity through its channel on YouTube , which combines science with some tricks to present food in a different way and very entertaining. Following these fantastic tricks, you can surprise anyone.

Famous for its amazing tricks and optical illusions, Mark recently released a video called "How to peel a watermelon, which applies a new and unique way to peel a watermelon, after watching never return to eat a watermelon as usual.

With this he reveals how completely peel a watermelon with a knife: The trick is not used one but two watermelons. Just take a watermelon, she takes all its flesh, and then takes another watermelon, which uses the shell. In the end only places the result of the first within the shell split in two in the second.

The video was shared on 31 August and to date has reached 5.5 million of view!

Discover the secret to peel a watermelon to perfection!