Come and Fall in Love with These Cutie Sweet Pit Bulls

Dog has been considered the best friend a person can have. And this statement is true in every aspect. However the Point here is if this Loyal friend is as cute as the following then there possibly nothing more one could ask in life.

P.S. - I would like to make a special mention here that I dedicate this post to a very sweet friend of mine - "fanny morton"

When this darling got pensive and outdoorsy and very, very cute.

When this mama and her mini-me snuggled up.

When this duo bonded and the world melted from their adorableness.

When this face was so squishy and perfect it was almost unbelievable.

When this smile lit up the world.

When this crew made the cutest Easter basket ever.

When this pair got acquainted and it was a beautiful sight to behold.

When these best friends snuggled up for a nap.

When this smile and those ears joined forces to destroy us all with perfection.

When these little ones got a little curious and all the more adorable.

When this sneeze became the best sneeze that's ever happened.

When this twosome took a seriously cute nap.


When this pup wanted to join the chick party but wasn't invited.

When this crew strutted its stuff down the street and stunned everyone with their beauty.

When this little face was simply freckled perfection.

When this little guy decided to join his mom in her workout routine.

When this lady played so hard she had to take a nap right then and there.

When this baby had the most devoted and adorable protector imaginable.

When this duo proved fetch is even better when played in teams.

When these best friends were the cutest napping duo ever.

When this cutie got clean and serious and didn't apologize for it.

When this pup decided it was time for his mom to wake up.

When this lady wasn't afraid to insist she be involved in the beauty regimen of the day.

When this darling got curious and cute and everyone stopped and stared.

When these buddies napped in impressive fashion.


When these friends had a smooch-off and both of them won.

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And when this face was the most perfect face in the history of faces and everyone melted from looking upon its perfection.