Welcome Friends,

I do not have enough words to explain how important Viralomia is for us. This site is special, not only because of the effort we have put in it but also because of the idea behind this site. This Idea is to have a common platform for everyone around the world of internet, to witness how fascinating, interesting, spectacular and in some ways astounding and astonishing our dear world is.

Viralomia didn’t start all of sudden, it started as a hobby. An interest of surfing the net for wonderful and amazing things and happenings all over the globe and sharing it with our loved ones. And one day we thought how bout having a collection where anyone from anywhere can anytime access to explore the beauty of our planet. And so Viralomia was born with a single purpose to share joy and mesmerize its viewers.

We never mean to hurt anyone or disregard. We put maximum effort to inform our viewers who is actually responsible behind the creations that are displayed in our site. But still if anyone is ever offended by any content they are most welcome to approach us and we would do everything in our power to rectify the issue.

With this we end our message to you all.

Our motto is simple: -

Help you........ “Discover your World!”