A Marvelous example of Patience and Creativity, This Elderly Man has his own 150-Ft-Long Giant Hedge Dragon

If you happen to find yourself driving around in the U.K. and you spot a giant green dragon, don’t panic – it’s probably just this amazing hedge sculpture by John Brooker, who turned a long hedge by his home into a giant green dragon (if you’ve spotted a real dragon, on the other hand – definitely panic).

Brooker spent 10 years shaping this 150-ft-long hedge into his chosen form. He said he was “tired of looking at a straight hedge, to be honest. It was pretty boring after a couple of years, and I thought, I’d cut the top into some arches, and then I thought, ‘what am I going to do at the end?’ Gotta have a head on it. And then I thought, ‘It’s going to be a dragon.” And he did it all without anybody’s help, too! [Read more...]