A Compilation of Few of The Cutest Things on Earth

The day this orphaned kitten pushed his stepbrother around in a tiny, kitten-sized shopping cart

The dual, simultaneous, equiversal kisses planted on this lucky otter by his two best friends.

legendary birthday parties for, respectively, a stoned dog, two chinchillas and an existential cat.

The day this kid and his cat decided to plot their escape together …

… and started a revolution.

The meerkat who fell in love with a stuffed meerkat of himself.

The fateful day when Boo the pomeranian hid inside a pile of Boos and then fell asleep.

The letter this kid wrote to Professor Dumbledore (SPOILERS!)

And the inspiring act of panda altruism that suddenly made everything OK again.

And then also the time that this panda thing happened.

Let’s not forget Pickles the Etsy-modeling pug.

Or the pug who pushed her toy baby pugs around in a stroller. With a parasol.

And IRL Mufasa and Simba.


The cutest monkey ever to walk the Earth.

The threatening letter to the Tooth Fairy.

The day Lil’ Bub was born.

The dog who got older but who - what I am trying to say is that the important point of this story is that HE IS BEST FRIENDS WITH A CHEETAH.